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Wicker furniture has long been appealing to the person who seeks furniture with comfort, versatility and livability along with the feel of casual elegance.

Wicker Furniture

ABOUT WICKER: Wicker is any furniture that is woven. That is, wicker is not the name of a raw material, but refers to the process used in creating the finished product. In fact, wicker furniture can be made of practically any natural or man-made material that is pliable and durable enough to be woven into furniture. As people become more aware of their environment and respect and enjoy the outdoors, wicker becomes a natural choice for their indoor furniture. Thus, using natural wicker indoors, or on a covered porch or screened patio brings this natural, airy feeling indoors.

Natural wicker furniture is made of rattan and has a natural "give" for total body comfort. (But rattan furniture is not necessarily wicker.) It is suitable for indoor use and limited outdoor use. A natural wicker dining set stands up to long hours in the sun as the open weave prevents the wicker from retaining heat. Just don't leave it exposed to rain.

Rattan, like our Waikiki collection, is typically designed for indoor use or a completely sheltered outdoor setting. Although much wicker is made of twisted rattan, rattan furniture is not wicker. Rattan is a tropical vine with a hard outer shell and tough fibrous center core. This is both strong and has some "give" or flexibility, lending itself to comfortable furniture.

The Bar Harbor Collection is a full depth seating collection. It is made of woven rattan core. Hardwood is used in the frame construction, making it extra strong for home or commercial use. It is extremely comfortable, and durable.

Harbor Front, woven out of rattan, has the same traditional look, and is built with the same quality as Bar Harbor, but in a smaller scale, for rooms that don't have the room for full scale furniture.

Made of rattan, the Rockport Rocker was originally designed to complement the Bar Harbor group. Rockport is now available in a complete seating and dining group as a stand alone group, and is available in our new Weathered White finished, that looks as if it was aged on the front porch of a beach house since grandfather's time.

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