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Bar Harbor
Our Bar Harbor wicker furniture is top quality. Seats are comfortably supported on woven jute webbing for added strength. Cushions are sewn with corded edges and boxing.
Quality & Comfort

Our Wicker Furniture line gives the appearance of antique wicker furniture - authentic designs with quality & comfort in mind at discount prices.


Designer Wicker & Rattan produces some of the finest wicker furniture on the market today. Our collections include Bar Harbor, Naples, Monaco, etc...and Waikiki & Plantation rattan, Bistro tables and chairs and living room collections.

Select from our 90 fabric choices and 15 custom wicker frames

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ABOUT WICKER: Wicker is any furniture that is woven. That is, wicker is not the name of a raw material, but refers to the process used in creating the finished product. In fact, wicker furniture can be made of practically any natural or man-made material that is pliable and durable enough to be woven into furniture. Among the more popular raw materials used to manufacture wicker are willow, rattan core, twisted paper, vinyl and PVC. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages and gives the finished product its own distinct look.

As people become more aware of their environment and respect and enjoy the outdoors, wicker becomes a natural choice for their indoor furniture. Thus, using natural wicker indoors, or on a covered porch or screened patio brings this natural, airy feeling indoors.

Natural wicker furniture is made of rattan frames and is hand woven out of rattan core. Rattan is yielding and durable, thus making it an excellent material for use in the construction of furniture. Due to its flexibility and strength, it is in many ways more durable than wood. We believe that this all natural product is one of the better choices. Thus, you get that warm feeling associated with outdoors and things that are natural.

Rattan, a member of the palm family, grows as a climbing vine in the jungles of South East Asia. By clinging to trees, a single vine can grow hundreds of feet above the ground. Mature rattan is harvested, without damage to the trees and is classified for color, dimension and overall quality before being shipped to the factory. When the rattan is harvested, it is cut near the bottom, but is not uprooted. In this way, it still lives and grows again to the heights of the canopy of the Indonesian rain forest. Indonesia has by far the most abundant supply and the highest quality rattan. It is this highest quality raw material that goes into the construction of our designer wicker and rattan.

After arriving at the factory, the rattan pole is bent into shape to make the frame for our wicker furniture. The inner rattan core is shred long and slender and is used to weave the wicker around the frames. After this stage, the furniture is brought to the United States where final assembly, finishing (paint and upholstery) and packing takes place before being shipped to its final destination.

FINISHES: Our stain finishes are applied in Indonesia in a multi-step, time consuming process. All pained finishes are applied in the United States. We apply several coats of the highest quality oil-based industrial enamel paints. Our paint are durable enough that they offer a certain degree of protection from the elements. Designer wicker and rattan can be used without a problem outdoors if it is on an area that is covered overhead.

This is a natural product. Since each reed is naturally slightly different than the other, there will be slight differences in hue and color when stains are used. This in not to be considered a defect but rather part of the beauty of owning a product make of natural materials. We offer an immense variety of colors.

UPHOLSTERY: We Offer over 150 upholstery fabrics in three grades: deluxe cotton, indoor/outdoor or premium. Our indoor deluxe fabrics are all cotton or cotton blends and are coated at the fabric mill with Scotchgard or Dupont Teflon. Indoor/Outdoor fabrics are 100% acrylic. These outdoor fabrics resist fading from the sun and are resistant to water and mildew and with much longer wear than regular cotton fabrics. Premium fabrics are either chenille or tapestry fabric.

We can manufacture cushions with the customers' own material (C.O.M.). Fabric yardage is listed on each item.

CUSHION FOAM: Comfort is as style, therefore we use the highest quality, high density foam in our cushions. It is soft and comfortable yet returns to its original shape and is not subject to sagging or deterioration. That being said, we are always vigilant for new and better materials for use in our products.

Some manufacturers attempt to achieve economies through the use of a foam that is either too soft or too hard, typically with a loss of comfort and durability.

SEAT CONSTRUCTION: The seats on some collections use webbing and decking in the seat to increase comfort and strength. Larger items often use hardwood to reinforce the product. Smaller items generally do not benefit from the use of webbing in terms of comfort or durability.

Every piece is individually inspected, wrapped and boxed. We ship via common carrier. Damage rarely occurs, but in the event it does, a claim must be made immediately to receive satisfactory settlement.